Palazzo Bentivoglio, Gualtieri

“Incompreso”. Antonio Ligabue’s life across his works.

The exhibition

The exhibition, edited by Sergio and Francesco Negri, includes 22 paintings, some bronze sculptures and a terracotta sculpture. All works, coming from private collections, are exhibited in chronological order. The exhibition ensure the visitators to see the evolution of the style, of the technique, but also of the themes that change with the passage of time, because the works are divided into periods.

«Antonio Ligabue’s work can be subdivided in three periods. In the first one (1927-1939) the visitators can notice that the colours are very soft and diluted. Themes related to rural life and scenes with not particularly aggressive wild animals are common. There are very few self-portraits. The second one (1939-1952) is marked by the discovery of the fat and full-bodied matter and by an analytical refinement of the whole representation. The third one (1952-1962) is the most prolific. The sign becomes more vigorous and continuous, to the point where it stands out clearly the image of the rest of the scene. In this last period is full of self-portraits diversified according to the states of mind experienced at the time of execution».

«In the “Salone dei Giganti”, there are some masterpieces, for instance “Il serpentario” and “Aquila con volpe” that represent moving animals, “Castelli svizzeri” which wasn’t present in Gualtieri since the Seventies, the famous “Autoritratto con spaventapasseri” and “Diligenza con paesaggio”. The last one is included, as well as other present in this exhibition, in Giorgio Diritti’s movie. The director himself told Francesco Negri, during the filming, that he has been in Gualtieri in 1975. After this visit he fell in love with Ligabue’s research after seeing the painting called “Diligenza con paesaggio”»

Incompreso. La vita di Antonio Ligabue attraverso le sue opere
Salone dei Giganti, Palazzo Bentivoglio – 2020 Fabio Fantini

Salone dei Giganti

The exhibition has been moved from “Sala di Giove to “Salone dei Giganti”, an entirely frescoed representation room, whose monumental dimensions guarantee the public access in total safety,  to accompany the release of Giorgio Diritti’s movie “Volevo nascondermi”, with the masterful performance of Elio Germano as Antonio Ligabue, awarded with the Silver Bear at the Berlinale and with the Tape of The Year 2020.